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Amy joins the crew!

Tuesday night the boats stayed in Belhaven NC and Wednesday night Sea Senor aka AdventureUs along with Cats Away spend the night at Coinjock, NC. Coinjock is famous for Prime Rib, so that is what the crew ate!

Early Wednesday morning Amy was on Amtrak headed to Norfolk! Thanks Dianne Brown for the ride to the airport. Arrived about 7 pm and stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Chesapeake VA across the harbor from Norfolk! The view of the boat traffic

Around noon Thursday, the two boats arrived at Tidewater Marina, walking distance to the hotel I stayed at! So excited to see the guys!

Gerry with Dave Ryan and Louie the “bug” were on Sea Senor aka AdventureUs and on Cats Away, Ty and his brother Mark where making waves. I was welcomed into the family with open arms!

The restaurant on the dock was The happy hour consisted of $1 oysters, clams, chicken wings and shrimp. We ate more wings and oysters over the next three days! So good, highly recommend!

The weather was not looking in our favor for the next few days, so we opted to stay for a total of three nights. Laundry, provisioning, washing the boats, filling fuel and water tanks, emptying the holding tank and watching episodes of Ted Lasso was a majority of what we did!

On Saturday, we took the water taxi from Portsmouth to Norfolk and explored the USS Wisconsin. Being a Groton CT kid, I have seen the Nautilus (submarine) a few times, this ship is so much larger in every way! Amazing to see.

Sunday morning, it was time to move on! Ty’s brother Mark was flying back to Atlanta and Dave agreed to travel the next two days with Ty. We assisted Cats Away off the dock and Sea Senor aka AdventureUs followed before 7 am. BTW - the Carnival Cruiseship was not there when we went to bed ….

We were heading to the Solomon Islands in Maryland! A 114 mile trip. large cargo ships, cruise ships, sail boats, power boats were everywhere! Amazing how many people were out and about on a Sunday morning.

We continue to learn the boat and realize how sensitive to wind and waves she can be. We typically cruise at 13-15 knots and today, as we were to climbing the rolling waves and surfing down the other side, the port engine cavitation a few times but over all is was a really great trip.

My first real long journey on the new boat, followed by a very well deserved arrival cocktail!

We are so looking forward to our adventures on AdventureUs!

PS I am not an English major and no one is proofing my posts, please be kind!

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You’re doing Great Amy!!! Keep them coming! 😎

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