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Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took the boat for a day trip and met up with friends at East Harbor, Fishers Island, NY for our first official raft-up with AdventureUS!  Clint, Kate, & Klara, and other friends Kim & Sean were on the other boat.  I almost forgot about Dr. Carlos who joined the fun.  The fog rolled in and out all day. We relaxed and enjoyed the harbor with only a few other boats around.

After a couple of hours, when the fog cleared momentarily, we decided to head back to Ram Island Yacht Club. The girls decided it would be a much warmer and calmer ride back with Gerry and I on AdventureUs.



Later in the day, John, Lynda, Frank, Lorna, Brian, Kayleigh, and Carolyn joined us for another boat ride. Despite the persistent fog, we had drinks and appetizers while cruising the Mystic River.

We grabbed a mooring off RIYC and had a great Mexican chicken dinner! At one point, the fog was so thick we could not see the flag on the RIYC dock which couldn’t have been more than 100 feet away!

After a delicious dinner and a great conversation with friends, we decided to head back to the dock! We dropped off our friends and Gerry and I took the boat back to Mystic Shipyard to tie up for the night.

On Tuesday morning, AdventureUs was hauled out and now the work begins! Gerry installed a new helm seat at the lower station and a new stereo. We (well ….Gerry with my moral support 😊) will be pulling the props off and sending them out to be tuned. Then the shafts will be removed and sent out to ensure they are perfectly straight!

On Sunday 6/2 we washed the hull and cleaned up the bottom paint. We have a young man with great experience to wax the hull and topsides for us.  I (yes just me) will be painting the bottom this week.

We have also removed the old name of the boat and once the wax is done, thanks to we will be ready for the renaming ceremony soon! 

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Thanks for having us aboard on Memorial day! We can’t wait to hear about all your adventures:)

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