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A Sense of Accomplishment

 With AdventureUs out of the water, the work begins, and the play is put on hold.


Gerry pulled the propellers and removed the shafts from the boat.  We had them tuned/aligned to ensure they provide the most efficient propulsion when running the boat.


The waxing came out great! Thank you Matt!


I applied two coats of bottom paint and wow – if that is not the most satisfying feeling when removing the tape to see the awesome paint job.


AdventureUs is officially renamed!  When she goes back in the water the official renaming ceremony will commence. If you are interested in participating, please comment below.




We are also working on installing solar panels and have the canvas redone. More information on these projects next time!

The goal is to have her put back together and back in the water by the time Gerry returns from his annual Newport Bermuda trip that begins on Fri 6/21/24.  Again, Gerry will be sailing on Maree, a 37 ft X-Yacht with Dave Dickerson and crew this year!  



See you all soon!

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