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Another few days!

Updated: Apr 29

Saturday night they made it just north of Charleston SC to St James Marina in Southport SC. Here they rendezvous with another PDQ Cats Away. Pam and Ty on Cats Away left Stuart FL as the new owners heading for Block Island a few days before us! They are now buddy boating with Cats Away.

As Gerry and Dave are heading north, they have seen “squirrels of the sea” aka Dolphins! No pictures but every time I talk with Gerry, he is calling out - hey look another dolphin!

They have also seen alligators along the way on the ICW!

Unfortunately, they did have some rain and overcast conditions which means they moved to the lower helm station1 In 24 hours they went from running the generator and AC to sweatpants and jackets!

Sunday night they were secured to the dock with Cats Away at Saint James Marina in Southport NC. If you look on a map, you will see it is a man made Marina shaped like a square right off the ICW. Sounds like a few little houses in the neighborhood. They made chili for dinner because it was so cool outside!

Monday night another dock at Morehead City Yacht Basin! The 5 guys between both boats went out for dinner! Planning to reach Belhaven NC Tuesday!

I am taking a train to Norfolk VA on Wed 4/24 to meet up with them and take the adventure the rest of the way back to Connecticut! So excited!

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I’m glad to hear you are meeting up with them. That will be fun, can’t wait to hear about it!

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