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Happy Independence Day

On Friday 6/28/24 AdventureUS was launched at Mystic Shipyard! We were very excited! We moved the boat to Ram Island YC for the next few days.


The next big project was to finish installing the Solar Panels and Victron Battery and Solar Systems. Once the solar panels were installed, we then had to run wire to an on/off switch, to over-current protection, the MPPT controller, mount a panel inside the boat and then onto the batteries. The Victron systems consist of a Battery Voltage monitor and the other is a MPPT Solar Panel controller. Approximately 50’ of PV wire was run with the last 10-feet not easy. Thankfully Gerry has been running wires for most of his career and has many tricks up his sleeves! It was hooked up, but Gerry was struggling with programming the last parameters of the controllers. Clint came by who is a big fan of solar and assisted in fine tuning of the system. We are now self-sufficient and can run the refrigeration 24/7 without the generator or being plugged into shore power.  


On Tuesday 7/2/24 we loaded up provisions and our clothes and headed to West Harbor on Fisher’s Island, NY. Frank and Lorna on Little Gull rafted with us, and Kate, Clint and Klara and Kayleigh, Brian and Caroline joined us for a great evening! The official renaming ceremony was held on the bow and our 34 PDQ is officially AdventureUs from Block Island RI! Thank you, Kate, for officiating and the bottle of Prosecco from the McCrea’s (unfortunately they could not join us). We grilled burgers and had a great dinner and the evening concluded with spectacular fireworks! A perfect Summer evening.


On Wednesday we headed over to Watch Hill RI and picked up a mooring from the Watch Hill YC in Napatree Point. We enjoyed a relaxing day! The Conahan’s arrived and we went to shore and had an amazing dinner at The Olympia Tea Room. Not cheap but so good!


On Thursday for July 4th we started the day with blueberry pancakes and bacon and a second cup of coffee. A long walk on the beach and we finished the day with Lorna’s amazing grilled Pizza’s!

Friday, we brought AdventureUs to Block Island!! We grabbed our GICC mooring and visited with the Bergendahl’s for a while. Gerry went by dingy over to our PDQ friends Ty and Pam’s dock to check in on their plans for the remainder of the Summer. We hope to share some buddy boat adventures this summer with them.


Later in the day, we took a walk from the great salt pond into town for a drink at the National Hotel! We met up with a bunch of friends at Payne’s and danced to Dan Watson!  We walked over to the Oar and had a couple of sushi rolls for a light dinner! Perfect way to spend a couple of days.



Thank you,

Amy & Gerry Leger

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