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Heading to Cape May New Jersey!

Updated: May 3


We had a quick overnight stay at a really nice marina in the Solomon Islands,

What was funny, we were bundled up and cold and we people on the beach bathing suits as we pulled into the harbor. Goes to show you what the low temperature of the ocean can do when you are boating in the spring.

As we walked to dinner, we saw this cool sign! :) Then after dinner the sunset was spectacular!

On Monday 4/29 we traveled from The Solomon Island to Annapolis MD. The weather was sunny and warm with a light breeze.

Once tied up at Annapolis Landing marina Dave left to take Amtrak home and Ty’s friend now known as Dave 2.0, arrived to assist Ty for the next few days. We were surprised at how warm it was! I actually put a bathing suit top on to get some sun! It was only a 3 hour 40 min run so we were in by lunch time. (44.1 nautical miles)

We planned to take the water taxi to the downtown area of Annapolis but they were not running. We ended up taking an uber to Ego Alley as we really wanted to tie up there but they never got back with us. We learned you can register on their website and make a reservation that way. We know for next time!

We had a great dinner at and even saw the Ram Island YC sticker that we put up a few years back!

I almost forgot, we saw two other PDQ’s!

Maurice and Renee on Norcat anchored near the bridge in Annapolis and we met Nick and Barb Malden on Catsaway. Another CatsAway :)

The marina was so confused with two PDQ’s same name, on the same night! We had three PDQ’s all docked together. So cool.

Tuesday morning 5/30 we were off the dock by 7:30 am. This is a picture of the Memorial Bay Bridge with Cats Away behind us.

We traveled up to the Chesapeake/Delaware canal and took it to Delaware Bay. If you have never seen a push barge, here you go! Yes, they were that close to us passing in the canal.

As we worked our way down toward Cape May NJ we saw a whale! It was huge and I did not get a picture but we did see a few dolphin, here is the best picture I could get.

The weather has been pretty good. Sunny and low winds usually in the direction we want! Couple of lumpy seas but nothing unmanageable. Tied up for the night in Cape May NJ at

We are getting ready for shrimp scampi on the boat for dinner tonight. Relaxing night before what could be another big day tomorrow.

132 miles today 8.5 hours underway today.

Thanks for following along!

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